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From MS-DOS, to Windows, to Web...I have been working with Central Access' Marathon software for over 20 years. The platform has changed, but the software remains very user friendly. Their continued improvements and upgrades make our jobs much easier and the customer support is remarkable!

Jennifer Clanton - Hattiesburg Public School District

I selected Marathon as our accounting package 29 years ago. At that time, I didn’t realize just how important a decision was but I’ve never regretted the decision. The staff at Central Access has done a phenomenal job adapting “our” software to meet ever-increasing requirements. Their support addressing issues that arise occasionally has always been performed expeditiously. It’s comforting to know such outstanding service is available when needed.

Dennis Cochran - Greene County School District

A company’s culture is the character and personality of an organization. One word I use to describe Central Access System is FAMILY! It's such a delight doing business with a company whose employees are knowledgeable and dependable with a proven record of solid problem solving and technical skills. Even when providing assistance with day-to-day business matters or during professional development, CAS gives its customers the opportunity to learn and apply skills that help in our daily jobs.

Yulanda Austin - Tunica County School District

The prompt customer service provided by the company has no comparison.  I never have to worry that I will not receive a response and that response always comes quickly! I have never had an unresolved request for assistance. 

Jennifer Flowers - George County School District

Our district has been a customer of Central Access for over 20 years and we continue to receive excellent customer service.  Over the last 20 years, there have been many changes in the education world and Central Access always steps up to meet the challenge and provides our district with the software tools to get the job done.

Lisa Strawn - Union County School District

I have work with many computer systems over the year and none had anything to equal Central Access' help.  They are great at getting to your problem and fixing it. They also help educate you in the process.  They are the best that I have worked with.  I greatly appreciate the help I receive from them.

Donald Wade - Carroll County School District

The employees at Central Access always give feedback whenever I call or email. Mrs. Claire, Diane, JoAnn, Kristi, and all that I have contacted, responded back to me in a timely matter.  I love this company, so whenever you need help, don't hesitate to call them they will be glad to respond.

Sakina Smith - Wilkinson County School District

Central Access (MARATHON) is a very user-friendly accounting/payroll, etc. software and more importantly, the staff is also very "user friendly."  From the use of the Help Desk to employees taking the time to come out and work with your hands-on is a very important trait to be known for and Central Access has raised the bar for other companies that provide similar service.

Keshia Magee Sanders - MS Schools for the Deaf and the Blind

The customer support provided by CA is incredible.  The CA support team understands the importance of timely support and communication, and they go above and beyond to ensure a successful implementation of the product.

Jessica Dowd - Copiah County School District

While serving as SAM Administrator for the district, I always received great customer service whether from the Help Desk or the development team.  Everyone was very knowledgeable and was able to assist me with queries in order to pull accurate reports for my Superintendent.  I even learned how to write a few queries from   I miss speaking with Stephanie, Claire, Joann, and Diann (even though she has retired).  Keep up the great work!

Laura Windham - Moss Point School District

I have truly had rewarding experiences with Central Access. They are timely in responding to any questions that I may have, which give them five stars from me. One of the many things I love about this company is that whenever we are required to submit reports and need data from SAMS Spectra, before asking, they already have a query with the information needed. They make retrieving information and managing data so much easier. Thanks Central Access for your dedicated staff.

Mary McCay - Claiborne County School District

The staff at Central Access are always so willing to help wherever there is a need. They are so knowledgeable and don't mind taking time to walk you through whatever situation you are in step by step. If not for them, I probably would not have any hair left on my head (lol).

Jungeline Williams - Covington County School District

I cannot say enough good about Central Access! From the trainings I have attended to support everyone is amazing!!! Thank you for all your help!!!

Melissa Anthony - Enterprise School District

The North Panola School District appreciates the love and supports Central Access gives. Thank you for always being there, making a difference in helping all districts operate successfully.

Towanda Mangrum - North Panola School District​

The employees at CA are always willing to help, regardless of the task. All the CA employees are prompt to respond to tickets in CRM, often following up with an email or phone call. The staff is very knowledgeable, kind and supportive.

Tracye Crane - Pontotc City School District

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