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About Us

Founded in 1954 by L.B. “Foots” Martin, Central Access Corporation (CAC) has transitioned from a school supply and equipment company into a software development and support company serving the majority of Mississippi’s public schools. CEO, Jim Milam, says the company now serves 134 of the 150 school districts with either one or both of its software solutions for accounting and student information. Over 320,000 students in MS are enrolled in CAC’s SAM Student Information System that keeps daily attendance, gradebook, and all student history until the student graduates. “All of the student information tracking is via the internet allowing parents, students, teachers and administrators to access certain information at any time during the day,” says Milam. “Some students don’t like SAM because if they are absent from school, the system calls and emails the parents within hours that their children are not at school. Playing hooky has gone way down and attendance up!”

According to Jay Milam, CAC’s third generation President, “The company only works with schools in Mississippi. If the state changes a requirement or needs new information in a different format, we are always the first to get it done. It’s more difficult for companies that service multiple states to respond to change quickly. We only have one customer and that is the schools here in Mississippi. We hope they will allow us to serve them for another 60 years!”


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