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June 22, 2021


Central Access Announces a New Hiring and Onboarding Product for Marathon, their Fund Accounting Package for MS K12 School Districts

Fully Integrated Recruitment, Hiring, and Onboarding Solution


RIDGELAND, MISSISSIPPI – June 22, 2021 -- The leading provider of Student Information and Fund Accounting Systems in the state of Mississippi, Central Access, today announces a new offering for the Mississippi school districts using their Fund Accounting package known as Marathon.  ActiveApplicant is a fully integrated recruitment, hiring, and onboarding solution. This latest offering from Central Access was released to the MS K12 school districts on June 15, 2021.


Central Access serves 128 districts across the state spanning 318,000 students. Building on their trusted relationship with Mississippi school administrators, Central Access identified an opportunity to extend the value of their fund accounting system, Marathon, by developing a hiring and onboarding functionality, to streamline and simplify processes for the human resources and business offices within the school district. The Covid pandemic highlighted the need for more electronic streamlined processes, enabling workers to collaborate effectively online with the hiring and onboarding process.


“We are always looking for ways to make the jobs of our customers easier,” says Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Alex Manning. “ActiveApplicant is that software solution offering we always knew we needed, and we had provided the functionality side of that need through partnerships with other companies. However, we ultimately determined that creating our own software product that integrates seamlessly with our fund accounting system would be the optimal offering for our customers. This pandemic past year really expedited our desire to make this a reality for our customers. We continue to look to them for their feedback and for their ideas on ways we can make their jobs easier with solutions that allow them to best serve their schools, students, and communities.”


“It’s been an exciting time with the release of Active Applicant.   We have several districts that have already signed up for Active Applicant and are loving what they are seeing.   I am so proud of our Development Team for giving us a product that is very user friendly and will help in making the jobs a little easier for the hard-working Central Office workers! “, says Nancy Cotnam, Director of Marathon Support and Application Development Testing. “This application is something our end users have been requesting for a while now. I look forward to seeing it grow and hope it is as successful as our other applications.”, says Jonathan VanHooser, the Marathon Development Project Leader.

About Central Access

The mission of Central Access Corporation is to provide those in the K-12 education community with tools to assist them in doing their jobs through the development and delivery of quality computer software products and top-notch support services. Established in 1954, Central Access has been servicing the K-12 education community every day since.  What began with school supplies evolved into all-encompassing software solutions that cater to the needs of all aspects of the school district.  Central Access works hand-in-hand with the Mississippi Department of Education as well other K-12 service partners to ensure they offer the best solutions possible to Mississippi public schools.


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